Rania Abouzeid


   About Me

As an award-winning journalist with more than fifteen years of experience in the Middle East, I know the history of the region, how it impacts current events and how social and cultural conditions shape today’s news.

I also understand the Middle East in a way that deepens my coverage. I grew up in Australia and was schooled there, but I am the daughter of Lebanese immigrants. I traveled to Beirut during its civil war for family vacations. Even in war, there was life in Beirut, a lesson I learnt well and one I apply to my work.

I am a print and television journalist. I am fluent in Arabic and have held several residencies and fellowships, including the Ochberg at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, a visiting fellowship at the European Council on Foreign Relations, and residencies at Yaddo and the Carey Institute’s non-fiction program. I am currently a New America fellow, writing a book about the Syrian uprising.

I have been published in TIME, the New Yorker, Foreign Affairs, National Geographic, Foreign Policy, Politico, The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, The Australian, CSM, and a host of other outlets, and have appeared on France 24 Television, BBC, CBC, CBS, PBS, Al-Jazeera, Channel 4 and others. I have given talks and participated in panel discussions at Princeton, New America, John Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies, Harvard University and a number of other institutions in the US and Europe.

You can see a brief selection of my latest stories, or clips, here, as well as a more extensive archive. I can be reached via email and Twitter @raniaab